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Review of the Journey from Egypt to Jordan

1 These° are the journeys° of the sons° of Israel°, by which° they came° out from the land° of Egypt° by their armies°, under athe Ileadership° of Moses° and Aaron°. 2 Moses° recorded° their starting° places° according to their journeys° by the Icommand° of the LORD°, and these° are their journeys° according to their starting° places°. 3 aThey journeyed° from Rameses° in the first° month°, on the fifteenth°° day° of the first° month°; on the Inext° day° after° the Passover° the sons° of Israel° bstarted° out IIboldly°° in the sight° of all° the Egyptians°, 4 while the Egyptians° were burying° all° their firstborn° whom° the LORD° had struck° down° among them. The LORD° had also executed° judgments° aon their gods°.

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5 ¶ Then athe sons° of Israel° journeyed° from Rameses° and camped° in Succoth°. 6 aThey journeyed° from Succoth° and camped° in Etham°, which° is on the edge° of the wilderness°. 7 aThey journeyed° from Etham° and turned° back° to Pi-hahiroth°, which° faces°° Baal-zephon°, and they camped° before° Migdol°. 8 aThey journeyed° Ifrom before° Hahiroth° and passed° through the midst° of the sea° into the wilderness°; and bthey went° three° days’° journey° in the wilderness° of Etham° and camped° at Marah°. 9 aThey journeyed° from Marah° and came° to Elim°; and in Elim° there were twelve°° springs° of water° and seventy° palm° trees°, and they camped° there°. 10 They journeyed° from Elim° and camped° by the IRed°° Sea°. 11 They journeyed° from the IRed°° Sea° and camped° in athe wilderness° of Sin°. 12 They journeyed° from the wilderness° of Sin° and camped° at Dophkah°. 13 They journeyed° from Dophkah° and camped° at Alush°. 14 They journeyed° from Alush° and camped° aat Rephidim°; now it was there° that the people° had° no° water° to drink°. 15 They journeyed° from Rephidim° and camped° in athe wilderness° of Sinai°. 16 They journeyed° from the wilderness° of Sinai° and camped° at aKibroth-hattaavah°.

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17 ¶ They journeyed° from Kibroth-hattaavah° and camped° at aHazeroth°. 18 They journeyed° from Hazeroth° and camped° at Rithmah°. 19 They journeyed° from Rithmah° and camped° at Rimmon-perez°. 20 They journeyed° from Rimmon-perez° and camped° at aLibnah°. 21 They journeyed° from Libnah° and camped° at Rissah°. 22 They journeyed° from Rissah° and camped° in Kehelathah°. 23 They journeyed° from Kehelathah° and camped° at Mount° Shepher°. 24 They journeyed° from Mount° Shepher° and camped° at Haradah°. 25 They journeyed° from Haradah° and camped° at Makheloth°. 26 They journeyed° from Makheloth° and camped° at Tahath°. 27 They journeyed° from Tahath° and camped° at Terah°. 28 They journeyed° from Terah° and camped° at Mithkah°. 29 They journeyed° from Mithkah° and camped° at Hashmonah°. 30 They journeyed° from Hashmonah° and camped° at aMoseroth°. 31 They journeyed° from Moseroth° and camped° at Bene-jaakan°. 32 They journeyed° from aBene-jaakan° and camped° at Hor-haggidgad°. 33 They journeyed° from Hor-haggidgad° and camped° at aJotbathah°. 34 They journeyed° from Jotbathah° and camped° at Abronah°. 35 They journeyed° from Abronah° and camped° at aEzion-geber°. 36 They journeyed° from Ezion-geber° and camped° in the wilderness° of aZin°, that is, Kadesh°. 37 They journeyed° from Kadesh° and camped° at aMount° Hor°, bat the edge° of the land° of Edom°.

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38aThen Aaron° the priest° went° up to Mount° Hor° at the Icommand° of the LORD°, and died° there° in the fortieth° year° after the sons° of Israel° had come° from the land° of Egypt°, on the first° [day] in the fifth° month°. 39 Aaron° was one hundred° twenty-three°° years° old° when he died° on Mount° Hor°.

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40 ¶ Now the Canaanite°, the king° of aArad° Iwho° lived° in the IINegev° in the land° of Canaan°, heard° of the coming° of the sons° of Israel°.

[40] ILit and he III.e. South country aNu 21:1

41 ¶ Then they journeyed° from Mount° Hor° and camped° at Zalmonah°. 42 They journeyed° from Zalmonah° and camped° at Punon°. 43 They journeyed° from Punon° and camped° at aOboth°. 44 They journeyed° from Oboth° and camped° at Iye-abarim°, at the border° of Moab°. 45 They journeyed° from Iyim° and camped° at Dibon-gad°°. 46 They journeyed° from Dibon-gad°° and camped° at Almon-diblathaim°. 47 They journeyed° from Almon-diblathaim° and camped° in the mountains° of aAbarim°, before° Nebo°. 48 They journeyed° from the mountains° of Abarim° and acamped° in the plains° of Moab° by the Jordan° [opposite] Jericho°. 49 They camped° by the Jordan°, from Beth-jeshimoth° as far° as aAbel-shittim° in the plains° of Moab°.

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Law of Possessing the Land

50 ¶ Then the LORD° spoke° to Moses° in the plains° of Moab° by the Jordan° [opposite] Jericho°, saying°, 51 “Speak° to the sons° of Israel° and say° to them, ‘aWhen° you cross° over° the Jordan° into the land° of Canaan°, 52 then you shall drive° out all° the inhabitants° of the land° from before° you, and adestroy° all° their figured° stones°, and destroy° all° their molten° images° and demolish° all° their high° places°; 53 aand you shall take° possession° of the land° and live° in it, for I have given° the land° to you to possess° it. 54 aYou shall inherit° the land° by lot° according to your families°; to the larger° you shall give° more° inheritance°, and to the smaller° you shall give° less° inheritance°. Wherever°°° the lot° falls° to anyone, that shall be his. You shall inherit° according to the tribes° of your fathers°. 55 But if° you do not drive° out the inhabitants° of the land° from before° you, then it shall come° about that those whom° you let° remain° of them [will become] aas pricks° in your eyes° and as thorns° in your sides°, and they will trouble° you in the land° in which° you live°. 56 And as I plan° to do° to them, so I will do° to you.’”

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Two and forty journeys of the Israelites.

1 ¶ These² [are] the journeysº of the childrenº of Israel,º which² went forthºª out of the landº² of Egyptº with their armiesº under the handº of Mosesº and Aaron.º 2 And Mosesº wroteºª² their goings outº according to their journeysº by² the commandmentº of the LORD:º and these² [are] their journeysº according to their goings out.º 3 And they departedºª from Ramesesº² in the firstº month,º on the fifteenthºº dayº of the firstº month;º on the morrowº² after the passoverº the childrenº of Israelº went outºª with an highºª handº in the sightº of all² the Egyptians.º 4 For the Egyptiansº buriedºª all² [their] firstborn,º² which² the LORDº had smittenºª among them: upon their godsº also the LORDº executedºª judgments.º 5 And the childrenº of Israelº removedºª from Rameses,º² and pitchedºª in Succoth.º 6 And they departedºª from Succoth,º² and pitchedºª in Etham,º which² [is] in the edgeº of the wilderness.º 7 And they removedºª from Etham,º² and turned againºª unto² Pihahiroth,º which² [is] before²² Baalzephon:º and they pitchedºª beforeº Migdol.º 8 And they departedºª from beforeº² Pihahiroth,º and passed throughºª the midstº of the seaº into the wilderness,º and went¹ª² threeº days'º journeyº in the wildernessº of Etham,º and pitchedºª in Marah.º 9 And they removedºª from Marah,º² and cameºª unto Elim:º and in Elimº [were] twelveºº fountainsº of water,º and threescore and tenº palm trees;º and they pitchedºª there.² 10 And they removedºª from Elim,º² and encampedºª by² the Redº sea.º 11 And they removedºª from the Redº sea,º² and encampedºª in the wildernessº of Sin.º 12 And they took their journeyºª out of the wildernessº² of Sin,º and encampedºª in Dophkah.º 13 And they departedºª from Dophkah,º² and encampedºª in Alush.º 14 And they removedºª from Alush,º² and encampedºª at Rephidim,º where² was² no² waterº for the peopleº to drink.ºª 15 And they departedºª from Rephidim,º² and pitchedºª in the wildernessº of Sinai.º 16 And they removedºª from the desertº² of Sinai,º and pitchedºª at Kibrothhattaavah.º 17 And they departedºª from Kibrothhattaavah,º² and encampedºª at Hazeroth.º 18 And they departedºª from Hazeroth,º² and pitchedºª in Rithmah.º 19 And they departedºª from Rithmah,º² and pitchedºª at Rimmonparez.º 20 And they departedºª from Rimmonparez,º² and pitchedºª in Libnah.º 21 And they removedºª from Libnah,º² and pitchedºª at Rissah.º 22 And they journeyedºª from Rissah,º² and pitchedºª in Kehelathah.º 23 And they wentºª from Kehelathah,º² and pitchedºª in mountº Shapher.º 24 And they removedºª from mountº² Shapher,º and encampedºª in Haradah.º 25 And they removedºª from Haradah,º² and pitchedºª in Makheloth.º 26 And they removedºª from Makheloth,º² and encampedºª at Tahath.º 27 And they departedºª from Tahath,º² and pitchedºª at Tarah.º 28 And they removedºª from Tarah,º² and pitchedºª in Mithcah.º 29 And they wentºª from Mithcah,º² and pitchedºª in Hashmonah.º 30 And they departedºª from Hashmonah,º² and encampedºª at Moseroth.º 31 And they departedºª from Moseroth,º² and pitchedºª in Benejaakan.º 32 And they removedºª from Benejaakan,º² and encampedºª at Horhagidgad.º 33 And they wentºª from Horhagidgad,º² and pitchedºª in Jotbathah.º 34 And they removedºª from Jotbathah,º² and encampedºª at Ebronah.º 35 And they departedºª from Ebronah,º² and encampedºª at Eziongaber.º 36 And they removedºª from Eziongaber,º² and pitchedºª in the wildernessº of Zin,º which² [is] Kadesh.º 37 And they removedºª from Kadesh,º² and pitchedºª in mountº Hor,º in the edgeº of the landº of Edom.º 38 And Aaronº the priestº went upºª into² mountº Horº at² the commandmentº of the LORD,º and diedºª there,² in the fortiethº yearº after the childrenº of Israelº were come outºª of the landº² of Egypt,º in the firstº [day] of the fifthº month.º 39 And Aaronº [was] an hundredº and twentyº and threeº yearsº oldº when he diedº in mountº Hor.º 40 And kingº Aradº the Canaanite,º which² dweltºª in the southº in the landº of Canaan,º heardºª of the comingºª of the childrenº of Israel.º 41 And they departedºª from mountº Hor,º² and pitchedºª in Zalmonah.º 42 And they departedºª from Zalmonah,º² and pitchedºª in Punon.º 43 And they departedºª from Punon,º² and pitchedºª in Oboth.º 44 And they departedºª from Oboth,º² and pitchedºª in Ijeabarim,º in the borderº of Moab.º 45 And they departedºª from Iim,º² and pitchedºª in Dibongad.º 46 And they removedºª from Dibongad,º² and encampedºª in Almondiblathaim.º 47 And they removedºª from Almondiblathaim,º² and pitchedºª in the mountainsº of Abarim,º beforeº Nebo.º 48 And they departedºª from the mountainsº² of Abarim,º and pitchedºª in the plainsº of Moabº by² Jordanº [near] Jericho.º 49 And they pitchedºª by² Jordan,º from Bethjesimothº² [even] unto² Abelshittimº in the plainsº of Moab.º

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The Canaanites are to be destroyed.

50 ¶ And the LORDº spakeºª unto² Mosesº in the plainsº of Moabº by² Jordanº [near] Jericho,º saying,ºª 51 Speakºª unto² the childrenº of Israel,º and sayºª unto² them, When² ye² are passed overºª² Jordanº into² the landº of Canaan;º 52 Then ye shall drive outºª² all² the inhabitantsºª of the landº from beforeº² you, and destroyºª² all² their pictures,º and destroyºª all² their moltenº images,º and quite pluck downºª all² their high places:º 53 And ye shall dispossessºª [the inhabitants]² of the land,º and dwellºª therein: for² I have givenºª you² the landº to possessºª it. 54 And ye shall divideºª² the landº by lotº for an inheritance¹ª among your families:º [and] to the moreº ye shall give the moreºª² inheritance,º and to the fewerº ye shall give the lessºª² inheritance:º every man's [inheritance] shall be² in the place where²²² his lotº falleth;ºª according to the tribesº of your fathersº ye shall inherit.ºª 55 But if² ye will not² drive outºª² the inhabitantsºª of the landº from beforeº² you; then it shall come to pass,² that those which² ye let remainºª of² them [shall be] pricksº in your eyes,º and thorns¹² in your sides,º and shall vexºª you in² the landº wherein² ye² dwell.ºª 56 Moreover it shall come to pass,² [that] I shall doºª unto you, as² I thoughtºª to doºª unto them.

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