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The Altar of Incense

1 “Moreover, you shall make° aan altar° as a place° for burning° incense°; you shall make° it of acacia° wood°. 2 Its length° [shall be] a Icubit°, and its width° a cubit°, it shall be square°, and its height° [shall be] two cubits°; its horns° [shall be] IIof one piece with it. 3 You shall overlay° it with pure° gold°, its top° and its Isides° all° around°, and its horns°; and you shall make° a gold° molding° all° around° for it. 4 You shall make° two° gold° rings° for it under° its molding°; you shall make° [them] on its two° side° walls°—on Iopposite° sides°—and IIthey shall be holders° for poles° with which° to carry° it. 5 You shall make° the poles° of acacia° wood° and overlay° them with gold°. 6 You shall put° Ithis altar in front° of the veil° that is IInear° the ark° of the testimony°, in front° of the IIIamercy° seat° that is over° [the ark of] the testimony°, where°° I will meet° with you. 7 Aaron° shall burn° fragrant° incense° on it; he shall burn° it every morning° when he trims° the lamps°. 8 When Aaron° Itrims° the lamps° at IItwilight°, he shall burn° incense°. [There shall be] perpetual° incense° before° the LORD° throughout your generations°. 9 You shall not offer° any strange° incense° on Ithis altar, or burnt° offering° or meal° offering°; and you shall not pour° out a drink° offering° on it. 10 Aaron° shall amake° atonement° on its horns° once° a year°; he shall make° atonement° on it with the blood° of the sin° offering° of atonement° once° a year° throughout your generations°. It is most° holy° to the LORD°.”

[1] aEx 37:25-29
[2] II.e. One cubit equals approx 18 in. IILit from itself
[3] ILit walls
[4] ILit its two IILit it
[6] ILit it IILit upon or over IIILit propitiatory aEx 25:21f
[8] ILit causes to ascend IILit between the two evenings
[9] ILit it
[10] aLv 16:18

11 ¶ The LORD° also spoke° to Moses°, saying°, 12 “When° you take° aa Icensus° of the sons° of Israel° IIto number° them, then each° one° of them shall give° ba ransom° for IIIhimself° to the LORD°, when you IVnumber° them, so that there will be no° plague° among them when you IVnumber° them. 13 This° is what everyone° who Iis numbered° shall give°: half° a shekel° according to the shekel° of the sanctuary° (athe shekel° is twenty° gerahs°), half° a shekel° as a IIcontribution° to the LORD°. 14 Everyone° who Iis numbered°, from twenty° years° old° and over°, shall give° the IIcontribution° to the LORD°. 15 The rich° shall not pay° more° and the poor° shall not pay° less° than° the half° shekel°, when you give° the Icontribution° to the LORD° to make° atonement° for IIyourselves°. 16 You shall take° the atonement° money° from the sons° of Israel° and shall give° it for the service° of the tent° of meeting°, that it may be a memorial° for the sons° of Israel° before° the LORD°, to make° atonement° for Iyourselves°.”

[12] ILit sum IILit for their being mustered IIILit his soul IVLit muster aEx 38:25, 26; Nu 1:2; 26:2 bNu 31:50
[13] ILit passes over to those who are mustered IILit heave offering aLv 27:25; Nu 3:47; Ezk 45:12
[14] IV 13, note 1 IILit heave offering of the LORD
[15] ILit heave offering of the LORD IILit your souls
[16] ILit your souls

17 ¶ The LORD° spoke° to Moses°, saying°, 18 “You shall also make° aa laver° of Ibronze°, with its base° of bronze°, for washing°; and you shall bput° it between° the tent° of meeting° and the altar°, and you shall put° water° in it. 19 Aaron° and his sons° shall awash° their hands° and their feet° from it; 20 when they enter° the tent° of meeting°, they shall wash° with water°, so that they will not die°; or° when they approach° the altar° to minister°, by offering° up in smoke° a fire° [sacrifice] to the LORD°. 21 So they shall wash° their hands° and their feet°, so that they will not die°; and ait shall be a perpetual° statute° for them, for IAaron and his IIdescendants° throughout their generations°.”

[18] IOr copper aEx 38:8 bEx 40:30
[19] aEx 40:31f; Is 52:11
[21] ILit him IILit seed aEx 28:43

The Anointing Oil

22 ¶ Moreover, the LORD° spoke° to Moses°, saying°, 23 “Take° also for yourself the finest° of spices°: of flowing° myrrh° five° hundred° [shekels], and of fragrant° cinnamon° half° as much°, two hundred° and fifty°, and of fragrant° cane° two hundred° and fifty°, 24 and of cassia° five° hundred°, according to the shekel° of the sanctuary°, and of olive° oil° a hin°. 25 You shall make° Iof these a holy° anointing° oil°, a perfume° mixture°, the work° of a perfumer°; it shall be aa holy° anointing° oil°. 26 With it ayou shall anoint° the tent° of meeting° and the ark° of the testimony°, 27 and the table° and all° its utensils°, and the lampstand° and its utensils°, and the altar° of incense°, 28 and the altar° of burnt° offering° and all° its utensils°, and the laver° and its stand°. 29 You shall also consecrate° them, that they may be most° holy°; whatever° touches° them shall be holy°. 30 aYou shall anoint° Aaron° and his sons°, and consecrate° them, that they may minister° as priests° to Me. 31 You shall speak° to the sons° of Israel°, saying°, ‘This° shall be a holy° anointing° oil° to Me throughout your generations°. 32 It shall not be poured° on Ianyone’s° body°, nor° shall you make° [any] like° it in IIthe same proportions°; ait is holy°, [and] it shall be holy° to you. 33 aWhoever°° shall mix° [any] like° it or whoever° puts° any° of it on a Ilayman° IIbshall be cut° off° from his people°.’”

[25] ILit it aEx 37:29; 40:9; Lv 8:10
[26] aEx 40:9; Lv 8:10; Nu 7:1
[30] aEx 29:7; Lv 8:12
[32] ILit the flesh of man IILit its proportion aEx 30:25, 37
[33] ILit stranger IILit even he shall aEx 30:38 bGn 17:14; Ex 12:15; Lv 7:20f

The Incense

34 ¶ Then the LORD° said° to Moses°, “Take° for yourself spices°, stacte° and onycha° and galbanum°, spices° with pure° frankincense°; there shall be an equal part° of each°. 35 With it you shall make° incense°, a perfume°, the work° of a perfumer°, salted°, pure°, [and] holy°. 36 You shall beat° some° of it very° fine°, and put° part of it before° the testimony° in the tent° of meeting° awhere°° I will meet° with you; it shall be most° holy° to you. 37 The incense° which° you shall make°, ayou shall not make° in Ithe same proportions° for yourselves; it shall be holy° to you for the LORD°. 38 aWhoever°° shall make° [any] like° it, to Iuse° as perfume°, IIshall be cut° off° from his people°.”

[36] aEx 29:42
[37] ILit its proportion aEx 30:32
[38] ILit smell of it IILit even he shall aEx 30:33

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The altar of incense.

1 ¶ And thou shalt makeºª an altarº to burnº incenseº upon: [of] shittimº woodº shalt thou makeºª it. 2 A cubitº [shall be] the lengthº thereof, and a cubitº the breadthº thereof; foursquareºª shall it be:² and two cubitsº [shall be] the heightº thereof: the hornsº thereof [shall be] of² the same. 3 And thou shalt overlayºª it with pureº gold,º² the topº thereof, and the sidesº thereof round about,º and the hornsº thereof; and thou shalt makeºª unto it a crownº of goldº round about.º 4 And twoº goldenº ringsº shalt thou makeºª to it under²² the crownº of it, by² the twoº cornersº thereof, upon² the twoº sidesº of it shalt thou makeºª [it]; and they shall be² for placesº for the stavesº to bearºª it withal.º 5 And thou shalt makeºª² the stavesº [of] shittimº wood,º and overlayºª them with gold.º 6 And thou shalt putºª it beforeº the vailº that² [is] by² the arkº of the testimony,º beforeº the mercy seatº that² [is] over² the testimony,º where²² I will meetºª with thee. 7 And Aaronº shall burnºª thereon² sweetº incenseº every morning:º when he dressethºª² the lamps,º he shall burn incenseºª upon it. 8 And when Aaronº lightethºª² the lampsº at² even,º he shall burn incenseºª upon it, a perpetualº incenseº beforeº the LORDº throughout your generations.º 9 Ye shall offerºª no² strangeºª incenseº thereon,² nor burnt sacrifice,º nor meat offering;º neither² shall ye pourºª drink offeringº thereon.² 10 And Aaronº shall make an atonementºª upon² the hornsº of it onceº in a yearº with the bloodº² of the sin offeringº of atonements:º onceº in the yearº shall he make atonementºª upon² it throughout your generations:º it² [is] most¹ holyº unto the LORD.º

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The ransom of souls.

11 ¶ And the LORDº spakeºª unto² Moses,º saying,ºª 12 When² thou takestºª² the sumº of the childrenº of Israelº after their number,ºª then shall they giveºª every manº a ransomº for his soulº unto the LORD,º when thou numberestºª them; that there be² no² plagueº among them, when [thou] numberestºª them. 13 This² they shall give,ºª every one² that passethºª amongº them that are numbered,ºª halfº a shekelº after the shekelº of the sanctuary:º (a shekelº [is] twentyº gerahs:)º an halfº shekelº [shall be] the offeringº of the LORD.º 14 Every one² that passethºª among² them that are numbered,ºª from twentyº yearsº oldº² and above,º shall giveºª an offeringº unto the LORD.º 15 The richº shall not² give more,ºª and the poorº shall not² give lessºª than halfº² a shekel,º when [they] giveºª² an offeringº unto the LORD,º to make an atonementºª for² your souls.º 16 And thou shalt takeºª² the atonementº moneyº of²² the childrenº of Israel,º and shalt appointºª it for² the serviceº of the tabernacleº of the congregation;º that it may be² a memorialº unto the childrenº of Israelº beforeº the LORD,º to make an atonementºª for² your souls.º

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The brasen laver.

17 ¶ And the LORDº spakeºª unto² Moses,º saying,ºª 18 Thou shalt also makeºª a laverº [of] brass,º and his footº [also of] brass,º to washºª [withal]: and thou shalt putºª it between² the tabernacleº of the congregationº and the altar,º and thou shalt putºª waterº therein.² 19 For Aaronº and his sonsº shall washºª² their handsº and their feetº thereat:² 20 When they goºª into² the tabernacleº of the congregation,º they shall washºª with water,º that they dieºª not;² or² when they come nearºª to² the altarº to minister,ºª to burn² offering¹ª made by fireº unto the LORD:º 21 So they shall washºª their handsº and their feet,º that they dieºª not:² and it shall be² a statuteº for² ever¹ to them, [even] to him and to his seedº throughout their generations.º

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The holy anointing oil.

22 ¶ Moreover the LORDº spakeºª unto² Moses,º saying,ºª 23 Takeºª thou² also unto thee principalº spices,º of pureº myrrhº fiveº hundredº [shekels], and of sweetº cinnamonº half¹ so much,º [even] two hundredº and fiftyº [shekels], and of sweetº calamusº two hundredº and fiftyº [shekels], 24 And of cassiaº fiveº hundredº [shekels], after the shekelº of the sanctuary,º and of oilº oliveº an hin:º 25 And thou shalt makeºª it an oilº of holyº ointment,º an ointmentº compoundº after the artº of the apothecary:ºª it shall be² an holyº anointingº oil.º 26 And thou shalt anointºª² the tabernacleº of the congregationº therewith, and the arkº of the testimony,º 27 And the tableº and all² his vessels,º and the candlestickº and his vessels,º and the altarº of incense,º 28 And the altarº of burnt offeringº with all² his vessels,º and the laverº and his foot.º 29 And thou shalt sanctifyºª them, that they may be² most¹ holy:º whatsoever² touchethºª them shall be holy.ºª 30 And thou shalt anointºª Aaronº and his sons,º and consecrateºª them, that [they] may minister unto me in the priest's office.ºª 31 And thou shalt speakºª unto² the childrenº of Israel,º saying,ºª This² shall be² an holyº anointingº oilº unto me throughout your generations.º 32 Upon² man'sº fleshº shall it not² be poured,ºª neither² shall ye makeºª [any other] like it,² after the compositionº of it: it² [is] holy,º [and] it shall be² holyº unto you. 33 Whosoeverºº compoundethºª [any] like it,² or whosoever² puttethºª [any] of² it upon² a stranger,ºª shall even be cut¹ª off² from his people.º²

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The composition of the perfume.

34 ¶ And the LORDº saidºª unto² Moses,º Takeºª unto thee sweet spices,º stacte,º and onycha,º and galbanum;º [these] sweet¹ spicesº with pureº frankincense:º of eachº shall there be² a likeº [weight]: 35 And thou shalt makeºª it a perfume,º a confectionº after the artº of the apothecary,ºª tempered¹ª together,² pureº [and] holy:º 36 And thou shalt beatºª [some] of² it very small,ºª and putºª of² it beforeº the testimonyº in the tabernacleº of the congregation,º where²² I will meetºª with thee: it shall be² unto you most¹ holy.º 37 And [as for] the perfumeº which² thou shalt make,ºª ye shall not² makeºª to yourselves according to the compositionº thereof: it shall be² unto thee holyº for the LORD.º 38 Whosoeverºº shall makeºª like unto that,² to smellºª thereto, shall even be cut offºª from his people.º²

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