NASB — 2 Samuel 20 — KJV

Sheba’s Revolt

1 Now aa worthless° fellow° happened° to be there° whose name° was Sheba°, the son° of bBichri°, a Benjamite°°; and he blew° the trumpet° and said°,
  “cWe have° no° portion° in David°,
  Nor° do we have inheritance° in dthe son° of Jesse°;
  eEvery° man° to his tents°, O Israel°!”
2 So all° the men° of Israel° Iwithdrew° from following° David° [and] followed° Sheba° the son° of Bichri°; but the men° of Judah° IIremained° steadfast° to their king°, from the Jordan° even to Jerusalem°.

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[2] ILit went up IILit clung to

3 ¶ Then David° came° to his house° at Jerusalem°, and athe king° took° the ten° women°, the concubines° whom° he had left° to keep° the house°, and placed° them under guard°° and provided° them with sustenance°, but did not go° in to them. So they were shut° up until° the day° of their death°, living° as widows°.

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4 ¶ Then the king° said° to aAmasa°, “Call° out the men° of Judah° for me within three° days°, and be present° here° yourself°.” 5 So Amasa° went° to call° out [the men of] Judah°, but he adelayed° longer than° the set° time° which° he had appointed° him. 6 And David° said° to aAbishai°, “Now° Sheba° the son° of Bichri° will do° us more° harm° than° Absalom°; btake° your lord’s° servants° and pursue° him, so° that he does not find° for himself fortified° cities° and escape° from our sight°.” 7 So Joab’s° men° went° out after° him, aalong with the Cherethites° and the Pelethites° and all° the mighty° men°; and they went° out from Jerusalem° to pursue° Sheba° the son° of Bichri°. 8 When they were at the large° stone° which° is in aGibeon°, Amasa° came° Ito meet° them. Now Joab° was IIdressed°° in his military attire°°, and over° it was a belt° with a sword° in its sheath° fastened° at his waist°; and as he went° forward°, it fell° out. 9 Joab° said° to Amasa°, “Is it well° with you, my brother°?” And aJoab° took° Amasa° by the beard° with his right° hand° to kiss° him.

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Amasa Murdered

10 But Amasa° was not on guard° against the sword° which° was in Joab’s° hand° so ahe struck° him in the belly° with it and poured° out his inward° parts° on the ground°, and did not [strike] him again°, and he died°. Then Joab° and Abishai° his brother° pursued° Sheba° the son° of Bichri°. 11 Now there stood° by him one° of Joab’s° young° men°, and said°, “Whoever°° favors° Joab° and whoever°° is for David°, a[let him] follow° Joab°.” 12 But Amasa° lay° wallowing° in [his] blood° in the middle° of the highway°. And when the man° saw° that all° the people° stood° still°, he Iremoved° Amasa° from the highway° into the field° and threw° a garment° over° him when° he saw° that everyone° who came° by him stood° still°.

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Revolt Put Down

13 As soon° as he was removed° from the highway°, all° the men° passed° on after° Joab° to pursue° Sheba° the son° of Bichri°.

14 ¶ Now he went° through° all° the tribes° of Israel° to Abel°, even Beth-maacah°, and all° the Berites°; and they were gathered° together and also° went° after° him. 15 They came° and besieged°° him in aAbel° Beth-maacah°, and bthey Icast° up a siege° ramp° against° the city°, and it stood° by the rampart°; and all° the people° who° were with Joab° were wreaking° destruction° in order to topple° the wall°. 16 Then aa wise° woman° called° from the city°, “Hear°, hear°! Please° tell° Joab°, ‘Come° here°° that I may speak° with you.’” 17 So he approached° her, and the woman° said°, “Are you Joab°?” And he answered°, “I am.” Then she said° to him, “Listen° to the words° of your maidservant°.” And he answered°, “I am listening°.” 18 Then she spoke°, saying°, “Formerly° they used to say°, ‘They will surely° ask° [advice] at Abel°,’ and thus° they ended° [the dispute]. 19 I am of those who are peaceable° [and] faithful° in Israel°. aYou are seeking° to destroy° a city°, even a mother° in Israel°. Why° would you swallow° up bthe inheritance° of the LORD°?” 20 Joab° replied°, “Far° be it, far° be it from me that I should swallow° up or destroy°! 21 Such° is not the case°. But a man° from athe hill° country° of Ephraim°, bSheba° the son° of Bichri° by name°, has lifted° up his hand° against King° David°. Only° hand° him over°, and I will depart° from the city°.” And the woman° said° to Joab°, “Behold°, his head° will be thrown° to you over° the wall°.” 22 Then the woman° awisely° came° to all° the people°. And they cut° off° the head° of Sheba° the son° of Bichri° and threw° it to Joab°. So bhe blew° the trumpet°, and they were dispersed° from the city°, each° to his tent°. Joab° also returned° to the king° at Jerusalem°.

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23aNow Joab° was over° the whole° army° of Israel°, and Benaiah° the son° of Jehoiada° was over° the Cherethites° and the Pelethites°; 24 and Adoram° was over° the forced° labor°, and aJehoshaphat° the son° of Ahilud° was the recorder°; 25 and Sheva° was scribe°, and Zadok° and aAbiathar° were priests°; 26 and Ira° the Jairite° was also° a priest° to David°.

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By occasion of the quarrel, Sheba maketh a party in Israel.

1 ¶ And there² happenedºª to be there a manº of Belial,º whose nameº [was] Sheba,º the sonº of Bichri,º a Benjamite:º and he blewºª a trumpet,º and said,ºª We have no² partº in David,º neither² have we inheritanceº in the sonº of Jesse:º every¹ manº to his tents,º O Israel.º 2 So every² manº of Israelº went upºª from afterº² David,º [and] followedº Shebaº the sonº of Bichri:º but the menº of Judahº claveºª unto their king,º from² Jordanº even to² Jerusalem.º

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David's ten concubines are shut up in perpetual prison.

3 ¶ And Davidº cameºª to² his houseº at Jerusalem;º and the kingº tookºª² the tenº womenº [his] concubines,º whom² he had left¹ª² to keepºª the house,º and putºª them in ward,º² and fedºª them, but went² not² in¹ª unto² them. So they were² shut upºª unto² the dayº of their death,ºª livingº in widowhood.º

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Amasa, made captain over Judah, is slain by Joab.

4 ¶ Then saidºª the kingº to² Amasa,º Assembleºª me² the menº of Judahº within threeº days,º and be thou² here² present.ºª 5 So Amasaº went¹ª² to assembleºª [the men of]² Judah:º but he tarried longerºª¹ª than² the set timeº which² he had appointedºª him. 6 And Davidº saidºª to² Abishai,º Now² shall Shebaº the sonº of Bichriº do us more harmºª than² [did] Absalom:º takeºª thou²² thy lord'sº servants,º and pursueºª afterº him, lest² he getºª him fencedºª cities,º and escapeºª² us.¹ 7 And there went outºª afterº him Joab'sº men,¹² and the Cherethites,º and the Pelethites,º and all² the mighty men:º and they went outºª of Jerusalem,º² to pursueºª afterº Shebaº the sonº of Bichri.º 8 When they² [were] at² the greatº stoneº which² [is] in Gibeon,º Amasaº wentºª beforeº them. And Joab'sº garmentº that he had put onº was girdedºª unto² him, and upon² it a girdleº [with] a swordº fastenedºª upon² his loinsº in the sheathº thereof; and as he² went forthºª it fell out.ºª 9 And Joabº saidºª to Amasa,º [Art] thou² in health,º my brother?º And Joabº tookºª Amasaº by the beardº with the rightº handº to kissºª him. 10 But Amasaº took no² heedºª to the swordº that² [was] in Joab'sº hand:º so he smoteºª him therewith in² the fifthº [rib], and shed outºª his bowelsº to the ground,º and struck² him not² again;¹ª and he died.ºª So Joabº and Abishaiº his brotherº pursuedºª afterº Shebaº the sonº of Bichri.º 11 And oneº of Joab's¹ menº²² stoodºª by² him, and said,ºª Heº that² favourethºª Joab,º and he² that² [is] for David,º [let him go] afterº Joab.º 12 And Amasaº wallowedºª in bloodº in the midstº of the highway.º And when the manº sawºª that² all² the peopleº stood still,ºª he removedºª² Amasaº out of² the highwayº into the field,º and castºª a clothº upon² him, when² he sawºª that every² one that cameºª by² him stood still.ºª 13 When² he was removedºª out of² the highway,º all² the peopleº went onºª afterº Joab,º to pursueºª afterº Shebaº the sonº of Bichri.º

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Joab pursueth Sheba unto Abel.

14 ¶ And he went¹ª through² all² the tribesº of Israelº unto Abel,º and to Bethmaachah,º and all² the Berites:º and they were gathered together,ºª¹ª and wentºª also² afterº him. 15 And they cameºª and besiegedºª² him in Abel¹ of Bethmaachah,¹² and they cast upºª a bankº against² the city,º and it stoodºª in the trench:º and all² the peopleº that² [were] with² Joabº batteredºª the wall,º to throw it down.ºª

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A wise woman saveth the city by Sheba's head.

16 ¶ Then criedºª a wiseº womanº out of² the city,º Hear,ºª hear;ºª say,ºª I pray you,² unto² Joab,º Come nearºª hither,²² that I may speakºª with² thee. 17 And when he was come nearºª unto² her, the womanº said,ºª [Art] thou² Joab?º And he answered,ºª I² [am he]. Then she saidºª unto him, Hearºª the wordsº of thine handmaid.º And he answered,ºª I² do hear.ºª 18 Then she spake,ºª saying,ºª They were wontºª to speakºª in old time,º saying,ºª They shall surely¹ª askºª [counsel] at Abel:º and so² they endedºª [the matter]. 19 I² [am one of them that are] peaceableºª [and] faithfulºª in Israel:º thou² seekestºª to destroyºª a cityº and a motherº in Israel:º why² wilt thou swallow upºª the inheritanceº of the LORD?º 20 And Joabº answeredºª and said,ºª Far be it,º far be itº from me, that² I should swallow upºª or² destroy.ºª 21 The matterº [is] not² so:² but² a manº of mountº² Ephraim,º Shebaº the sonº of Bichriº by name,º hath lifted upºª his handº against the king,º [even] against David:º deliverºª him only,² and I will depart¹ª² from²² the city.º And the womanº saidºª unto² Joab,º Behold,² his headº shall be thrownºª to² thee overº the wall.º 22 Then the womanº wentºª unto² all² the peopleº in her wisdom.º And they cut offºª² the headº of Shebaº the sonº of Bichri,º and cast¹ª [it] out² to² Joab.º And he blewºª a trumpet,º and they retiredºª from²² the city,º every manº to his tent.º And Joabº returnedºª to Jerusalemº unto² the king.º

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David's officers.

23 ¶ Now Joabº [was] over² all² the hostº of Israel:º and Benaiahº the sonº of Jehoiadaº [was] over² the Cherethitesºª¹ and over² the Pelethites:º 24 And Adoramº [was] over² the tribute:º and Jehoshaphatº the sonº of Ahiludº [was] recorder:ºª 25 And Shevaº¹ª [was] scribe:ºª and Zadokº and Abiatharº [were] the priests:º 26 And Iraº also² the Jairiteº was² a chief rulerº about David.º

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