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Genealogy from Benjamin

1 And aBenjamin° Ibecame° the father° of Bela° his firstborn°, Ashbel° the second°, bAharah° the third°, 2 Nohah° the fourth° and Rapha° the fifth°. 3 Bela° had° sons°: IAddar°, Gera°, Abihud°, 4 Abishua°, Naaman°, Ahoah°, 5 Gera°, Shephuphan° and Huram°. 6 These° are the sons° of Ehud°: these° are the heads° of fathers’° [households] of the inhabitants° of Geba°, and they carried° them into exile° to Manahath°, 7 namely, Naaman°, Ahijah° and Gera°—he carried° them into exile°; and he became° the father° of Uzza° and Ahihud°. 8 Shaharaim° became° the father° of children in the Icountry° of Moab° after° he had IIsent° away° Hushim° and Baara° his wives°. 9 By Hodesh° his wife° he became° the father° of Jobab°, Zibia°, Mesha°, Malcam°, 10 Jeuz°, Sachia°, Mirmah°. These° were his sons°, heads° of fathers’° [households]. 11 By Hushim° he became° the father° of Abitub° and Elpaal°. 12 The sons° of Elpaal° [were] Eber°, Misham°, and Shemed°, who° built° Ono° and Lod°, with its towns°; 13 and Beriah° and Shema°, who° were heads° of fathers’° [households] of the inhabitants° of Aijalon°, who° put° to flight° the inhabitants° of Gath°; 14 and IAhio°, Shashak° and Jeremoth°. 15 Zebadiah°, Arad°, Eder°, 16 Michael°, Ishpah° and Joha° [were] the sons° of Beriah°. 17 Zebadiah°, Meshullam°, Hizki°, Heber°, 18 Ishmerai°, Izliah° and Jobab° [were] the sons° of Elpaal°. 19 Jakim°, Zichri°, Zabdi°, 20 Elienai°, Zillethai°, Eliel°, 21 Adaiah°, Beraiah° and Shimrath° [were] the sons° of IShimei°. 22 Ishpan°, Eber°, Eliel°, 23 Abdon°, Zichri°, Hanan°, 24 Hananiah°, Elam°, Anthothijah°, 25 Iphdeiah° and Penuel° [were] the sons° of Shashak°. 26 Shamsherai°, Shehariah°, Athaliah°, 27 Jaareshiah°, Elijah° and Zichri° [were] the sons° of Jeroham°. 28 These° were heads° of the fathers’° [households] according to their generations°, chief° men° Iwho° lived° in Jerusalem°.

[1] ILit begot, and so throughout the ch aGn 46:21; 1Ch 7:6-12 b1Ch 7:12
[3] IIn Gn 46:21 and Nu 26:40, Ard
[8] ILit field IILit sent them away
[14] IOr his brothers
[21] IIn v 13, Shema
[28] ILit these

29aNow in Gibeon°, [Jeiel], the father° of Gibeon° lived°, and his wife’s° name° was Maacah°; 30 and his firstborn° son° [was] Abdon°, then Zur°, Kish°, Baal°, Nadab°, 31 Gedor°, Ahio° and IZecher°. 32 Mikloth° became° the father° of IShimeah°. And they also° lived° with their IIrelatives° in Jerusalem° opposite° their [other] IIrelatives°.

[29] a1Ch 9:35-38
[31] IIn ch 9:37, Zechariah
[32] IIn ch 9:38, Shimeam IILit brothers

Genealogy from King Saul

33 aNer° became° the father° of Kish°, and Kish° became° the father° of Saul°, and Saul° became° the father° of Jonathan°, Malchi-shua°, IAbinadab° and IIEshbaal°. 34 The son° of Jonathan° [was] IMerib-baal°, and Merib-baal° became° the father° of Micah°. 35 The sons° of Micah° [were] Pithon°, Melech°, ITarea° and Ahaz°. 36 Ahaz° became° the father° of IJehoaddah°, and Jehoaddah° became° the father° of Alemeth°, Azmaveth° and Zimri°; and Zimri° became° the father° of Moza°. 37 Moza° became° the father° of Binea°; IRaphah° [was] his son°, Eleasah° his son°, Azel° his son°. 38 Azel° had six° sons°, and these° [were] their names°: Azrikam°, Bocheru°, Ishmael°, Sheariah°, Obadiah° and Hanan°. All° these° [were] the sons° of Azel°. 39 The sons° of Eshek° his brother° [were] Ulam° his firstborn°, Jeush° the second° and Eliphelet° the third°. 40 The sons° of Ulam° were mighty° men° of valor°, archers°°, and had° many° sons° and grandsons°, 150°° [of them]. All° these° [were] of the sons° of Benjamin°.

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[37] IIn 9:43, Rephaiah

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The sons and chief men of Benjamin.

1 ¶ Now Benjaminº begatºª² Belaº his firstborn,º Ashbelº the second,º and Aharahº the third,º 2 Nohahº the fourth,º and Raphaº the fifth.º 3 And the sonsº of Belaº were,² Addar,º and Gera,º and Abihud,º 4 And Abishua,º and Naaman,º and Ahoah,º 5 And Gera,º and Shephuphan,º and Huram.º 6 And these² [are] the sonsº of Ehud:º these² are the headsº of the fathersº of the inhabitantsºª of Geba,º and they removedºª them to² Manahath:º 7 And Naaman,º and Ahiah,º and Gera,º he² removedºª them, and begatºª² Uzza,º and Ahihud.º 8 And Shaharaimº begatºª [children] in the countryº of Moab,º afterº he had sent them away;ºª² Hushimº and Baaraº [were] his wives.º 9 And he begatºª of² Hodeshº his wife,º² Jobab,º and Zibia,º and Mesha,º and Malcham,º 10 And Jeuz,º and Shachia,º and Mirma.º These² [were] his sons,º headsº of the fathers.º 11 And of Hushimº² he begatºª² Abitub,º and Elpaal.º 12 The sonsº of Elpaal;º Eber,º and Misham,º and Shamed,º who² builtºª² Ono,º and Lod,º with the townsº thereof: 13 Beriahº also, and Shema,º whoº [were] headsº of the fathersº of the inhabitantsºª of Aijalon,º who² drove awayºª² the inhabitantsºª of Gath:º 14 And Ahio,º Shashak,º and Jeremoth,º 15 And Zebadiah,º and Arad,º and Ader,º 16 And Michael,º and Ispah,º and Joha,º the sonsº of Beriah;º 17 And Zebadiah,º and Meshullam,º and Hezeki,º and Heber,º 18 Ishmeraiº also, and Jezliah,º and Jobab,º the sonsº of Elpaal;º 19 And Jakim,º and Zichri,º and Zabdi,º 20 And Elienai,º and Zilthai,º and Eliel,º 21 And Adaiah,º and Beraiah,º and Shimrath,º the sonsº of Shimhi;º 22 And Ishpan,º and Heber,º and Eliel,º 23 And Abdon,º and Zichri,º and Hanan,º 24 And Hananiah,º and Elam,º and Antothijah,º 25 And Iphedeiah,º and Penuel,º the sonsº of Shashak;º 26 And Shamsherai,º and Shehariah,º and Athaliah,º 27 And Jaresiah,º and Eliah,º and Zichri,º the sonsº of Jeroham.º 28 These² [were] headsº of the fathers,º by their generations,º chiefº [men]. These² dweltºª in Jerusalem.º 29 And at Gibeonº dweltºª the fatherº of Gibeon;ºª¹ whose wife'sº nameº [was] Maachah:º 30 And his firstbornº sonº Abdon,º and Zur,º and Kish,º and Baal,º and Nadab,º 31 And Gedor,º and Ahio,º and Zacher.º 32 And Miklothº begatºª² Shimeah.º And these² alsoº dweltºª with² their brethrenº in Jerusalem,º over against² them.¹

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The stock of Saul and Jonathan.

33 ¶ And Nerº begatºª² Kish,º and Kishº begatºª² Saul,º and Saulº begatºª² Jonathan,º and Malchishua,º and Abinadab,º and Eshbaal.º 34 And the sonº of Jonathanº [was] Meribbaal;º and Meribbaalº begatºª² Micah.º 35 And the sonsº of Micahº [were], Pithon,º and Melech,º and Tarea,º and Ahaz.º 36 And Ahazº begatºª² Jehoadah;º and Jehoadahº begatºª² Alemeth,º and Azmaveth,º and Zimri;º and Zimriº begatºª² Moza,º 37 And Mozaº begatºª² Binea:º Raphaº [was] his son,º Eleasahº his son,º Azelº his son:º 38 And Azelº had sixº sons,º whose namesº [are] these,² Azrikam,º Bocheru,º and Ishmael,º and Sheariah,º and Obadiah,º and Hanan.º All² these² [were] the sonsº of Azel.º 39 And the sonsº of Eshekº his brotherº [were], Ulamº his firstborn,º Jehushº the second,º and Elipheletº the third.º 40 And the sonsº of Ulamº were² mightyº men¹² of valour,º archers,ººª and had manyºª sons,º and sons'º sons,º an hundredº and fifty.º All² these² [are] of the sonsº² of Benjamin.º

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