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how does chat work?
- dan316 (7/8/2018 3:40:14 AM)
When the inward door of our heart is closed, the Beloved Christ, whose love never varies, comes and knocks. How does He knock? He knocks through His living Word. He knocks by His providence in our environment. He knocks as the Spirit unveils Himself with His love. He knocks when one of His seeking lovers visits us with loving fellowship.
- Frank Pytel, "The Two Become One" (6/5/2018 4:52:25 AM)
When the seeking lover refers to Christ as “my Beloved”, she tells Him and declares to all that there is no other in her life. He is her first and only love! To call Him “my Beloved” shows her single, uncompromising and absolute love toward Him. Jesus you are “my Beloved”!
- Frank Pytel, "The Two Become One" (6/1/2018 6:16:31 AM)

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