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Isaiah 62:5 For as a young man marries a maiden, so shall your sons marry you. And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your Elohim rejoice over you. [Messiah spiritually marrying his bride Israel in the Kingdom]

6 I have set watchmen on your walls, O Yerushalayim, all the day and all the night, continually, who are not silent [SPIRITUALLY WE WILL NOT BE SILENT!]. You who remember YAHWEH יהוה, give yourselves no rest,

7 and give Him no rest till He establishes and till He makes Yerushalayim a praise in the earth.[Which He will do at the Messiah Yahshua's return]

Truthfulness and scholarship are what this site is supposed to engender. Many are lost in this religious world of confusion. Your sanctimonious spoofs are outlandish and do not lead anyone to Torah but to destruction.

As far as Romans 14 :4, you are a bit out of context on that "Help Us Oh G-d"! This passage is about people coming into the covenant that are vegetarians and the issues between them and those that eat meats and how peace must ensue among the two.

Romans 14:1-4
1 And accept him (a convert) who is weaker in the belief, not criticizing his thoughts/opinions with respect to being a vegetarian.

2 One indeed believes to eat all clean meats, but he who is weaker eats only vegetables. (Vegetarianism can be practiced, but not promulgated as a doctrine.)

3 He that eats meats, let him not despise with contempt him who does not eat meats, and he that fasts (From meats most likely) or is a vegetarian, let him not criticize him who eats meats, for Elohim accepted him/them.

4 Who are you that criticizes another’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls. But he shall be made to stand, for Elohim is able to make him stand. (Luke 18:10)

These are fellow Israelites under the covenant to Yahweh and Yahshua Messiah in Torah. Not fellow Christians. Jewish-Gentile Believers in Messianic faith that practice Torah. You may say we have billions of Christians worldwide!

Yet the Great King Yahweh Elohim says:
Isaiah 10:
20 And in that day it shall be that the remnant of Yisra’ĕl, and those who have escaped of the house of Ya‛aqoḇ, never again lean upon him who defeated them, but shall lean upon יהוה [Christianity is not leaning, nor never has on Yahweh's true Messiah, nor His whole counsel of His Word. They despise the Torah and the Torah made Flesh!], the Set-apart One of Yisra’ĕl, in truth.

21 A remnant shall return, the remnant of Ya‛aqoḇ, to the Mighty Ěl.

22 For though your people, O Yisra’ĕl, be as the sand of the sea, yet a remnant of them shall return – a decisive end, overflowing with righteousness.

23 For the Master יהוה of hosts is making a complete end, as decided, in the midst of all the earth.

Look who the book was written to.

Romans 1:

1 Sha’ul, a servant of יהושע Messiah, a called emissary, separated to the Good News of Elohim,

2 which He promised before through His prophets in the Set-apart Scriptures,

3 concerning His Son, who came of the seed of Dawiḏ according to the flesh,

4 who was designated Son of Elohim with power, according to the Set-apart Spirit, by the resurrection from the dead: יהושע Messiah, the Master of us,

5 through whom we have received favor and office of the emissary for BELIEF/TRUST-OBEDIENCE among all the nations on behalf of His Name,

6 among whom you also are the called ones of יהושע Messiah.

7 To all who are in Rome, beloved of Elohim, called, set-apart ones [TERM CAN ONLY APPLY TO THOSE IN TORAH COVENANT WITH YAHWEH]: Favor to you and peace from Elohim our Father and the Master יהושע Messiah.

What has that to do with you Frank???

Or what has that to do with the fact you will not take correction from the word of Yahweh as we all should?

Especially when you profess the things you have this past week and I am supposed to be silent while you disperse lies to the users of this site?

- Watchman of Yahweh (8/25/2019 8:52:42 AM)
If I had lied call me out on it spiritual liberal! Stop denigrating set apart commandments in order to serve mammon on this site! You have had ample opportunity to bump out my postings as you have done this time. For you have not the capacity at this time to learn, but play ad hominem games! Why? Because you are not striving to be scholarly, but typical Christologists who serve ha Satan bidding and institutionalized witchcraft. As far as the correction from Scripture to Pytel and a few others, why don't you pick up the mantle of scripture and learn to be a true worshiper. I answer for legitimate call outs, not bogus bombardments of the spiritually uninformed.

Matthew 16:23 But He turned and said to Kĕpha, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are a stumbling-block to Me, for your thoughts are not those of [Yahweh] Elohim, but those of men.”

To speak in third person is weak don't you think!

Note all the passages from the last few months, search and see they were proof texted and indexed by Scripture and Scripture alone. Not my Words but the King's which are TRUTH!! Pytel's words are mostly his own and are in error. Keep playing games with the One who formed the tongue and the eyes! Yahweh rebuke you O' Satan!

- Sword of Yahweh (8/24/2019 5:53:50 PM)
Lord, forgive me for the times I was so engrossed in my own ideas and convictions that I “hogged” entire conversations and didn’t give others an opportunity to express what was on their hearts. I am truly repentant for giving people the impression that I thought I was the only one in the group with something worthy to say. Forgive me for being so self-absorbed and for not recognizing the other outstanding people with gifts, talents, and ideas that were just as valuable as my own. Please help me learn to think more highly of others, to keep my mouth shut more often, and to genuinely appreciate the gifts, talents, and ideas You have placed in other people.

- help us oh God (8/24/2019 5:01:22 PM)

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