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My comment on Revelation 22.1 as a long time Bible student is not interpretation as it is self evident by John as to what he was shown: This is the river which flows through the God's Kingdom which is in heavenly mansions as Jesus referred to when he spoke of in His Father's House there are many Mansions, this is the River of the water of life which flows through God's throne which has the palm trees, fruits trees where we are bodies of light after we have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. The Throne is where God sits, the Lamb is Jesus the Christ. John is sharing the vision that God gave him of heaven. I cannot express more profoundly than what is written and I look forward to being there someday based my faith in Jesus Christ's shed blood on the cross for me because of my sins. PRAISE JESUS!
- Isabella Gudrun Musto (6/18/2020 8:29:20 PM)
- klodi (1/22/2017 3:09:38 PM)
What does the bible verse Jeremiah 9:25 mean. ?
- Linda (10/25/2011 1:53:32 AM)

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