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Job 40:8 [study!]

American Standard Version (ASV 1901) [2]
— Wilt thou even annul my judgment? Wilt thou condemn me, that thou mayest be justified?
King James Version (KJV 1769)
— Wilt thou also disannul my judgment? wilt thou condemn me, that thou mayest be righteous?
New American Standard Bible (NASB ©1995)
— “Will you really annul My judgment? Will you condemn Me that you may be justified?
Webster's Revision of the KJB (WEB 1833)
— Wilt thou also disannul my judgment? wilt thou condemn me, that thou mayest be righteous?
Darby's Translation (DBY 1890)
— Wilt thou also annul my judgment? wilt thou condemn me that thou mayest be righteous?
Rotherham's Emphasized Bible (EBR 1902)
— Wilt thou even frustrate my justice? Wilt thou condemn me, that thou mayest appear right?
Young's Literal Translation (YLT 1898)
— Dost thou also make void My judgment? Dost thou condemn Me, That thou mayest be righteous?
Douay-Rheims Challoner Revision (DR 1750)
— Wilt thou make void my judgment: and condemn me, that thou mayst be justified?
Original King James Bible (AV 1611) [2]
— Wilt thou also disanul my iudgement? Wilt thou condemne mee, that thou mayest be righteous?
Brenton Greek Septuagint (LXX, Restored Names)
— Do not set aside my judgment: and dost thou think that I have dealt with thee in any other way, than that thou mightest appear to be righteous?
Full Hebrew Names / Holy Name KJV (2008) [2] [3]
— Wilt thou also disannul my judgment? wilt thou condemn me, that thou mayest be righteous?

Strong's Numbers & Hebrew NamesHebrew Old TestamentColor-Code/Key Word Studies
Wilt thou also x637
(0637) Complement
A primitive particle; meaning accession (used as an adverb or conjugation); also or yea; adversatively though.
disannul 6565
{6565} Prime
A primitive root; to break up (usually figuratively, that is, to violate, frustrate).
<8686> Grammar
Stem - Hiphil (See H8818)
Mood - Imperfect (See H8811)
Count - 4046
my judgment? 4941
{4941} Prime
From H8199; properly a verdict (favorable or unfavorable) pronounced judicially, especially a sentence or formal decree (human or (particularly) divine law, individual or collectively), including the act, the place, the suit, the crime, and the penalty; abstractly justice, including a particular right, or privilege (statutory or customary), or even a style.
wilt thou condemn 7561
{7561} Prime
A primitive root; to be (causatively do or declare) wrong; by implication to disturb, violate.
<8686> Grammar
Stem - Hiphil (See H8818)
Mood - Imperfect (See H8811)
Count - 4046
me, that x4616
(4616) Complement
From H6030; properly heed, that is, purpose; used only adverbially, on account of (as a motive or an aim), teleologically in order that.
thou mayest be righteous? 6663
{6663} Prime
A primitive root; to be (causatively make) right (in a moral or forensic sense).
<8799> Grammar
Stem - Qal (See H8851)
Mood - Imperfect (See H8811)
Count - 19885
Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary

Job 40:8

_ _ Wilt thou not only contend with, but set aside My judgment or justice in the government of the world?

_ _ condemn — declare Me unrighteous, in order that thou mayest be accounted righteous (innocent; undeservingly afflicted).

Matthew Henry's Commentary

See commentary on Job 40:6-14.

John Wesley's Explanatory Notes

Job 40:8

Wilt thou — Every word is emphatical, wilt (art thou resolved upon it) thou (thou Job, whom I took to be one of a better mind) also (not only vindicate thyself, but also accuse me) disannul (not only question, but even repeal and make void, as if it were unjust) my judgment? My sentence against thee, and my government and administration of human affairs? Wilt thou make me unrighteous that thou mayst seem to be righteous?

Geneva Bible Translation Notes

Job 40:8

Wilt thou also disannul (a) my judgment? wilt thou condemn me, that thou mayest be righteous?

(a) Signifying that they who justify themselves condemn God as unjust.

Cross-Reference Topical ResearchStrong's Concordance

Psalms 51:4 Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done [this] evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest, [and] be clear when thou judgest.
Romans 3:4 God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.


Isaiah 14:27 For the LORD of hosts hath purposed, and who shall disannul [it]? and his hand [is] stretched out, and who shall turn it back?
Isaiah 28:18 And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.
Galatians 3:15 Brethren, I speak after the manner of men; Though [it be] but a man's covenant, yet [if it be] confirmed, no man disannulleth, or addeth thereto.
Galatians 3:17 And this I say, [that] the covenant, that was confirmed before of God in Christ, the law, which was four hundred and thirty years after, cannot disannul, that it should make the promise of none effect.
Hebrews 7:18 For there is verily a disannulling of the commandment going before for the weakness and unprofitableness thereof.

wilt thou condemn:

Job 10:3 [Is it] good unto thee that thou shouldest oppress, that thou shouldest despise the work of thine hands, and shine upon the counsel of the wicked?
Job 27:2-6 [As] God liveth, [who] hath taken away my judgment; and the Almighty, [who] hath vexed my soul; ... My righteousness I hold fast, and will not let it go: my heart shall not reproach [me] so long as I live.
Job 32:2 Then was kindled the wrath of Elihu the son of Barachel the Buzite, of the kindred of Ram: against Job was his wrath kindled, because he justified himself rather than God.
Job 34:5-6 For Job hath said, I am righteous: and God hath taken away my judgment. ... Should I lie against my right? my wound [is] incurable without transgression.
Job 35:2-3 Thinkest thou this to be right, [that] thou saidst, My righteousness [is] more than God's? ... For thou saidst, What advantage will it be unto thee? [and], What profit shall I have, [if I be cleansed] from my sin?
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Jb 10:3; 27:2; 32:2; 34:5; 35:2. Ps 51:4. Is 14:27; 28:18. Ro 3:4. Ga 3:15, 17. He 7:18.

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