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The Apostles were sent out to Baptize in Acts beginning at Jerusalem (Acts 1:1-8) And the Holy Spirit began to work miracles and The Lord Working with the Apostles began to baptize New believers with the Holy Ghost as stated in Mark 16:20 (Acts 1:5). Acts 2:38 Peter told the Jews to Repent, then Acts 2:41 they received/believed the Preaching (Mark 16:15,Luke 24:47) Then were Baptized by the Holy Ghost as Confirmed (Mark 16:16, Acts 1:5) by solely "Believing" (John 7:39, Acts 10:43, Romans 10:9,Romans 10:17) NOT John the Baptist's water baptism (Matthew 3:11,24-28) . More information on Search: Light of Christ Ministries
- Light of Christ Ministries (12/31/2022 2:42:12 AM)