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2 Samuel 23:39 [study!]

American Standard Version (ASV 1901) [2]
— Uriah the Hittite: thirty and seven in all.
King James Version (KJV 1769)
— Uriah the Hittite: thirty and seven in all.
New American Standard Bible (NASB ©1995)
— Uriah the Hittite; thirty-seven in all.
Webster's Revision of the KJB (WEB 1833)
— Uriah the Hittite: thirty and seven in all.
Darby's Translation (DBY 1890)
— Uriah the Hittite: thirty-seven in all.
Rotherham's Emphasized Bible (EBR 1902)
— Uriah, the Hittite, In all, thirty and seven.
Young's Literal Translation (YLT 1898)
— Uriah the Hittite; in all thirty and seven.
Douay-Rheims Challoner Revision (DR 1750)
— Urias the Hethite, thirty and seven in all.
Original King James Bible (AV 1611) [2]
— Uriah the Hittite: thirtie and seuen in all.
Brenton Greek Septuagint (LXX, Restored Names)
— Uriah{gr.Urias} the Hittite{gr.Chettite}: thirty-seven in all.
Full Hebrew Names / Holy Name KJV (2008) [2] [3]
— Uriyyah the Chitti: thirty and seven in all.

Strong's Numbers & Hebrew NamesHebrew Old TestamentColor-Code/Key Word Studies
riyy אוּרִיָּה 223
{0223} Prime
From H0217 and H3050; flame of Jah; Urijah, the name of one Hittite and five Israelites.
the itt חִתִּי: 2850
{2850} Prime
Patronymic from H2845; a Chittite, or descendant of Cheth.
thirty 7970
{7970} Prime
Multiple of H7969; thirty; or (ordinal) thirtieth.
and seven 7651
{7651} Prime
From H7650; a primitive cardinal number; seven (as the sacred full one); also (adverbially) seven times; by implication a week; by extension an indefinite number.
in all. x3605
(3605) Complement
From H3634; properly the whole; hence all, any or every (in the singular only, but often in a plural sense).
Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary

See commentary on 2 Samuel 23:19-39.

Matthew Henry's Commentary

See commentary on 2 Samuel 23:8-39.

John Wesley's Explanatory Notes

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Geneva Bible Translation Notes

2 Samuel 23:39

Uriah the Hittite: (o) thirty and seven in all.

(o) These came to David, and helped restore him to his kingdom.

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2 Samuel 11:3 And David sent and enquired after the woman. And [one] said, [Is] not this Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam, the wife of Uriah the Hittite?
2 Samuel 11:6-27 And David sent to Joab, [saying], Send me Uriah the Hittite. And Joab sent Uriah to David. ... And when the mourning was past, David sent and fetched her to his house, and she became his wife, and bare him a son. But the thing that David had done displeased the LORD.
2 Samuel 12:9 Wherefore hast thou despised the commandment of the LORD, to do evil in his sight? thou hast killed Uriah the Hittite with the sword, and hast taken his wife [to be] thy wife, and hast slain him with the sword of the children of Ammon.
1 Kings 15:5 Because David did [that which was] right in the eyes of the LORD, and turned not aside from any [thing] that he commanded him all the days of his life, save only in the matter of Uriah the Hittite.
1 Chronicles 11:41 Uriah the Hittite, Zabad the son of Ahlai,
Matthew 1:6 And Jesse begat David the king; and David the king begat Solomon of her [that had been the wife] of Urias;

thirty and seven in all:
From the number of these officers being thirty-seven, it is almost self-evident that shalishim cannot denote the thirty, as rendered in
2 Samuel 24:13 So Gad came to David, and told him, and said unto him, Shall seven years of famine come unto thee in thy land? or wilt thou flee three months before thine enemies, while they pursue thee? or that there be three days' pestilence in thy land? now advise, and see what answer I shall return to him that sent me.
, etc., but some particular description of men, or officers; for it can scarcely be said, with propriety, that we have thirty-seven out of thirty; and besides, in the parallel place in 1Chronicles, there are sixteen added!
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2S 11:3, 6; 12:9; 24:13. 1K 15:5. 1Ch 11:41. Mt 1:6.

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