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1 Chronicles 9:33 [study!]

American Standard Version (ASV 1901) [2]
— And these are the singers, heads of fathers' [houses] of the Levites, [who dwelt] in the chambers [and were] free [from other service]; for they were employed in their work day and night.
King James Version (KJV 1769)
— And these [are] the singers, chief of the fathers of the Levites, [who remaining] in the chambers [were] free: for they were employed in [that] work day and night.
New American Standard Bible (NASB ©1995)
— Now these are the singers, heads of fathers’ [households] of the Levites, [who lived] in the chambers [of the temple] free [from other service]; for they were engaged in their work day and night.
Webster's Revision of the KJB (WEB 1833)
— And these [are] the singers, chief of the fathers of the Levites, [who remaining] in the chambers [were] free: for they were employed in [that] work day and night.
Darby's Translation (DBY 1890)
— And these were the singers, chief fathers of the Levites, [who were] in the chambers free from service; for they were employed day and night.
Rotherham's Emphasized Bible (EBR 1902)
— These, also were the singers, ancestral chiefs of the Levites, in the chambers, free,—for, by day and by night, was there [a charge] upon them, in the business.
Young's Literal Translation (YLT 1898)
— And these who sing, heads of fathers of the Levites, in the chambers, [are] free, for by day and by night [they are] over them in the work.
Douay-Rheims Challoner Revision (DR 1750)
— These are the chief of the singing men of the families of the Levites, who dwelt in the chambers, by the temple, that they might serve continually day and night in their ministry.
Original King James Bible (AV 1611) [2]
— And these [are] the singers, chiefe of the fathers of the Leuites, who [remayning] in the chambers, [were] free: for they were imployed in that worke, day and night.
Brenton Greek Septuagint (LXX, Restored Names)
— And these [were] the singers, heads of families of the Levites, [to whom were] established daily courses, for they were employed in the services day and night.
Full Hebrew Names / Holy Name KJV (2008) [2] [3]
— And these [are] the singers, chief of the fathers of the Lewiyyim, [who remaining] in the chambers [were] free: for they were employed in [that] work day and night.

Strong's Numbers & Hebrew NamesHebrew Old TestamentColor-Code/Key Word Studies
And these x428
(0428) Complement
Prolonged from H0411; these or those.
[are] the singers, 7891
{7891} Prime
The second form being the original form, used in (1 Samuel 18:6); a primitive root (rather identical with H7788 through the idea of strolling minstrelsy); to sing.
<8789> Grammar
Stem - Polel (See H8847)
Mood - Participle (See H8813)
Count - 51
chief 7218
{7218} Prime
From an unused root apparently meaning to shake; the head (as most easily shaken), whether literally or figuratively (in many applications, of place, time, rank, etc.).
of the fathers 1
{0001} Prime
A primitive word; father in a literal and immediate, or figurative and remote application.
of the Lĉwiyyim לְוִיִּם, 3881
{3881} Prime
Patronymic from H3878; a Leviite or descendant of Levi.
[who remaining] in the chambers 3957
{3957} Prime
From an unused root of uncertain meaning; a room in a building (whether for storage, eating, or lodging).
[were] free: 6362
{6362} Prime
A primitive root; to cleave or burst through, that is, (causatively) to emit, whether literally or figuratively (gape).
<8803> Grammar
Stem - Qal (See H8851)
Mood - Participle Passive (See H8815)
Count - 1415
<8675> Grammar
Kethiv Reading

Where the translators of the Authorised Version followed the qere reading rather than the kethiv.
[6359] Standard
From H6362; open, that is, unoccupied.
for x3588
(3588) Complement
A primitive particle (the full form of the prepositional prefix) indicating causal relations of all kinds, antecedent or consequent; (by implication) very widely used as a relative conjugation or adverb; often largely modified by other particles annexed.
they were employed x5921
(5921) Complement
Properly the same as H5920 used as a preposition (in the singular or plural, often with prefix, or as conjugation with a particle following); above, over, upon, or against (yet always in this last relation with a downward aspect) in a great variety of applications.
in [that] work 4399
{4399} Prime
From the same as H4397; properly deputyship, that is, ministry; generally employment (never servile) or work (abstractly or concretely); also property (as the result of labor).
day 3119
{3119} Prime
From H3117; daily.
and night. 3915
{3915} Prime
From the same as H3883; properly a twist (away of the light), that is, night; figuratively adversity.
Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary

[[no comment]]

Matthew Henry's Commentary

See commentary on 1 Chronicles 9:14-34.

John Wesley's Explanatory Notes

1 Chronicles 9:33

These — Others of the Levites; of whose several offices he had spoken before. Are — Or rather, were; which is understood, all along in the foregoing and following verses. Chambers — That they might be ready to come whensoever they were called to the service of God in the tabernacle. Free — From all trouble and employment, that they might wholly attend upon the proper work. That work — Either composing or ordering sacred songs; or actually singing; or teaching others to sing them. Day and night — Continually, and particularly in the morning and evening, the two times appointed for solemn service. Thus was God continually praised, as it is fit he should be, who is continually doing us good.

Geneva Bible Translation Notes

1 Chronicles 9:33

And these [are] the singers, chief of the fathers of the Levites, [who remaining] in the chambers (i) [were] free: for they were employed in [that] work day and night.

(i) But were continually occupied in singing praises to God.

Cross-Reference Topical ResearchStrong's Concordance
the singers:

1 Chronicles 6:31-33 And these [are they] whom David set over the service of song in the house of the LORD, after that the ark had rest. ... And these [are] they that waited with their children. Of the sons of the Kohathites: Heman a singer, the son of Joel, the son of Shemuel,
1 Chronicles 15:16-22 And David spake to the chief of the Levites to appoint their brethren [to be] the singers with instruments of musick, psalteries and harps and cymbals, sounding, by lifting up the voice with joy. ... And Chenaniah, chief of the Levites, [was] for song: he instructed about the song, because he [was] skilful.
1 Chronicles 16:4-6 And he appointed [certain] of the Levites to minister before the ark of the LORD, and to record, and to thank and praise the LORD God of Israel: ... Benaiah also and Jahaziel the priests with trumpets continually before the ark of the covenant of God.
1 Chronicles 25:1-31 Moreover David and the captains of the host separated to the service of the sons of Asaph, and of Heman, and of Jeduthun, who should prophesy with harps, with psalteries, and with cymbals: and the number of the workmen according to their service was: ... The four and twentieth to Romamtiezer, [he], his sons, and his brethren, [were] twelve.
Ezra 7:24 Also we certify you, that touching any of the priests and Levites, singers, porters, Nethinims, or ministers of this house of God, it shall not be lawful to impose toll, tribute, or custom, upon them.

were free:

Nehemiah 11:17 And Mattaniah the son of Micha, the son of Zabdi, the son of Asaph, [was] the principal to begin the thanksgiving in prayer: and Bakbukiah the second among his brethren, and Abda the son of Shammua, the son of Galal, the son of Jeduthun.
Nehemiah 11:22-23 The overseer also of the Levites at Jerusalem [was] Uzzi the son of Bani, the son of Hashabiah, the son of Mattaniah, the son of Micha. Of the sons of Asaph, the singers [were] over the business of the house of God. ... For [it was] the king's commandment concerning them, that a certain portion should be for the singers, due for every day.

etc. Heb. upon them

A number of Levites were employed by rotation in singing the praises of Jehovah; and they seem to have continued the service day and night. See the references.
Psalms 134:1-2 [[A Song of degrees.]] Behold, bless ye the LORD, all [ye] servants of the LORD, which by night stand in the house of the LORD. ... Lift up your hands [in] the sanctuary, and bless the LORD.
Psalms 135:1-3 Praise ye the LORD. Praise ye the name of the LORD; praise [him], O ye servants of the LORD. ... Praise the LORD; for the LORD [is] good: sing praises unto his name; for [it is] pleasant.
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1Ch 6:31; 15:16; 16:4; 25:1. Ezr 7:24. Ne 11:17, 22. Ps 134:1; 135:1.

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